» Redshift: Child of Knock Out and Breakdown, plays a catalytic role in my fic One Day [which I really have to get back onto OTL]. He’s a dexter, class-one, which means he’s going to end up bigger than Breakdown. Kind of an evil little bastard, too. Knock Out is so proud of him.

» Andromeda: Definitely the cuter one of the Megatron children. Belongs to Andromeda-Prime, comes from her Amnesiac sequence. She’s a heavy seeker, like Dreadwing and Skyquake, which I reallyreally like so I couldn’t help but draw her here <3 

» Persephone: Child of Ratchet and Optimus, newly entered into my main TFP head-verse! :D She’s a Boreal taiga heavy standard frametype, same as Ratchet, except she’s a generator rather than a coefficient, with a W-Spectra spark. Her left leg was born deformed, the result of an injury sustained before her birth when half a hill fell down on Optimus, but most of it is strut damage rather than plating.

» Serac: Named for her sharp edges… it turned out to be a fitting descriptor. Child of Ratchet and Megatron [yeah I know, wtf?] and apparently that combination of CNA gives us a sparkling with a permanent Grumpycat expression. She’s a heavy warbuild, chevalier-class, which explains why she’s so tiny compared to the others.

» Rigel: The cutest of the Ratchet children. Lucky him XD Belongs to Onecricket/big-shoes-to-fill. I’unno what he is, maybe an Austral polar heavy standard or a class-two dexter if we go by my classifications… He’s so damn cute, but he looks even cuter in Cricket’s drawings. I… hope I have captured his cuteness to an acceptable degree. :3


Now all I gotta do is do some decent lineart and color them. <3 Think I’ll post them individually, otherwise we’ll be waiting months for me to get anywhere with ‘em XD

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